Asobi Asobase Episode 10

"Heart Go Boing Boing | Hanako's Trial Of Shame | Secret Of The Dong | Film Production"

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  • Asobi Asobase Episode 10
  • Episode - Heart Go Boing Boing | Hanako's Trial Of Shame | Secret Of The Dong | Film Production
  • Episode Synopsis - "Because of her appearance, Fujiwara-san is assumed to be good at classical literature, even though her talent is in English, having replaced Olivia in the English speech contest and won. She's exasperated by all of her classmates who come to her to ask for help with classical literature during break time, and she comes to Olivia for someone to speak in English with. Olivia becomes fearful, suspecting that Fujiwara-san has figured out that she can't speak English.."
  • Channel - Crunchyroll 4 months ago
  • Language - Multi
  • Duration - 00:23:39
  • Genres:- Comedy, Drama, School
  • Type - TV Series
  • Episodes - 12
  • Synopsis - "Hanako, an athletically proficient, yet thick-headed student with a weird fashion sense, plays a game with the American transfer student Olivia. However, their vigor irritated their classmate Kasuki who dislikes playing games since she has always been teased by her sister for being bad at them. With a turn of events, it was found out that Hanako is terrible at English. Thus, she asked her foreign classmate Olivia to help her, but Olivia, who is only born and raised in Japan with foreign parents, can't actually speak English at all! Watch over these three girls' surreal school-life comedy. (Source: MAL News)"
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Watch Asobi Asobase Episode 10 - Heart Go Boing Boing | Hanako's Trial Of Shame | Secret Of The Dong | Film Production online.

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Anime Details

Released in 2018 - N/A

Studio(s) - Lerche

Type - TV Series (12)

Genres - Comedy , Drama , School

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